Dallas "The Prairie Dog Man" Knotts
- - - The Prairie Dog Blaster - - -
Prairie Dog and Gopher Control Equipment
The quickest & most reliable method of poison-free rodent eradication.

  • Poison free eradication is the safest and the most environmently friendly method.  The presence of deadly poison around the farm or business opens up the potential for harmful injuries to children, pets, employees and your own livestock.
  • Our system injects a mixture of gases into the tunnels of the burrow, which ignite.  The ignition of gases causes a large concussion in the tunnels, eliminating the rodents.  This system consists of hoses, gauges and a firing head.
  • This quick strike method will work any time of the year.
  • With our system you are twenty feet away from the hole,  which is safer for you.  It is compact and can be worked very easily off a 4-wheeler or a golf cart.
Price: $950.00
Includes everything except the
oxygen and propane bottles
COD postage paid for all mail orders.
Free Demo at your place in most cases!

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Generally 1 adult male prairie dog has 4 adult females in his den.  Females have an average of 6 or more pups.  This means, there are about 30 prairie dogs for every hole you see. At their typical reproduction rate, this generally means you'll have more than 1000 prairie dogs in just two years if nothing is done to slow them down.